A representative from the Hospitality Team will be your first point of contact when visiting House of Empowerment Int. Ministries. Our team exists to serve all visitors, members and partners with a spirit of excellence and friendliness, by the grace and favour that God has imparted. The teams main aim to help make your time with us an enjoyable, life changing and empowering experience in every way possible.

The vision statement for the Hospitality Ministry section is that “We are United for Service, Motivated by God’s Love, Empowered through Grace to minister in Excellence”.

The Hospitality team consists of eight teams:
  • Catering Team
  • First Aid Team
  • Greeters Team
  • Hygiene Team
  • Peace Keepers Team
  • Transport Team
  • Ushers Team
  • Operations Help


Catering Team:

With food hygiene and health and safety as their guide, and along with a commitment to quality and excellence in food preparation and presentation, the Catering Team prepare and serve appetising food which is available for the congregation to purchase.


First Aid Team:

The First Aid Team provides prompt and immediate attention in the event of emergencies, minor incidents and accidents that may occur on the premises of the House of Empowerment Int. Ministries. Members of the First Aid Team are trained in the delivery of first aid and minister in a caring, compassionate and professional manner.

Greeters Team:

Positioned at the church entrance, our Greeters provide a warm welcome to everyone attending our services, making them feel important by exhibiting the love of God through their seasoned verbal and non-verbal communication.  In addition to the warm welcome, the Greeters Team distribute the weekly “Order of Service”, assist with directing people to the right place or the right person, and answer any questions or enquiries visitors may have on their arrival.

Hygiene Team:

Members of the Hygiene Team are committed to making the physical environment for worship pleasant for our visitors. The team takes a great deal of pride in making and keeping the premises clean, tidy and hygienic, working to the highest quality and standard, before, during and after its daily use. The team adhere to health and safety standards at all times.

Peace Keepers Team:

Peace Keepers help to maintain order in the House as directed by House of Empowerment Int. Ministries’ policies and procedures and, most importantly, the Holy Spirit.  They provide a safe and secure experience to all who visit and minister at House of Empowerment Int. Ministries. They are ever vigilant and training enables them to deal with any difficult situations which may occur using the art of communication and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Transport Team:

The Transport team collects and takes members, guests and Ministers to any given destination in Coventry and west Midlands via cars or mini buses. This team especially caters for ministering guests at conferences and special occasions. They also provide additional transportation to the other ministry sections of House of Empowerment Int. Ministries as and when it is required.

Ushers Team:

Ushers welcome all attendees to House of Empowerment Int. Ministries, directing them to appropriate seating whilst doing their best to ensure an efficient and pleasant experience. They aim to facilitate an atmosphere that allows the presence and supernatural power of God to flow freely, giving the Holy Spirit total freedom to have His Way by showing the love of God and Christ-likeness to all. They are equipped and trained to provide assistance to not only the preacher, but to the entire congregation to function in order, harmony, love and reverence toward the Spirit of God. The Ushers Team also facilitate the monthly Baptism Services, and serve at weddings and funerals that take place at House of Empowerment Int. Ministries.

Operations Help Team:

The Operations Help Team lend an extra helping hand to all our guests. The team provide specific assistance to mothers/fathers with babies, those using buggies, our disabled visitors, visitors with mobility issues and the mature/senior guests to our services. Anybody needing assistance in getting from the entrance door of the church to their seat, we are here to help.
The Teams within Hospitality provide many rewarding and exciting opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally as you serve others in ministry. We would love for you to join us as we strive to give an excellent service to all our visitors and guests.
We ask all visitors to not eat or drink (except water) in the Church Sanctuary in respect of the presence of God.

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