Men of Empowerment – MOE


Welcome to the Men of Empowerment!
Come join us as we explore God's Word together, build stronger relationships with one another, 
and learn how to be a man after God's own heart!
I am excited at all of the possibilities God has placed in the men of the church. Through this ministry, you will be stirred to complete everything He has placed in your heart to do. My prayer is that your family will grow, that you will find favor on your job or business and that every dream God has given you will happen. 
Our vision is to Empower Families, Communities by bringing all Men together under one goal to empower them to recognise their role in the Church, Home and Society.
The future is bright for the Men of Empowerment. I know you will do your part to get involved in the church. When we all do our part, the Kingdom of God expands. Let's all do what we can to grow spiritually and become Godly leaders in all walks of life.
These are scriptures that we strongly believe in and stand on as a men’s ministry:
(1 Timothy 5:8) (Genesis 18:17-19) (Joshua 24:15) (Genesis 35:1-3) (Job 1:5) (Ephesians 5:23-25)
Check the church calender for all our meeting days and Breakfast meeting days
Shalom, Pastor. K.K.
To become a member please fill in our Application Form and hand it in on a sunday to any of the leaders or send by post to:
House of Empowerment Int. Ministries 
Empowerment Centre
Lady Lane
CV6 6AZ 
If you have any questions, send an email to:

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