Pastor Kwame Kwayisi Twum-Boateng


Pastor Kwame Kwayisi Twum-Boateng (known as Pastor K.K.) is the senior Pastor of House of Empowerment International Ministry, in Coventry, West Midlands UK.

His ministry began in 1996, when God called him, from the street life and empowered him to preach the word of God to all that crossed his path. He first got involved with Sunday school teaching, then with adult fellowships, and later he started a mission called Youth Alive Ministry, which went to secondary schools around the country preaching the Good News. At about that same time he enrolled into Bible College to broaden his knowledge further to undertake the purpose for what GOD had empowered him to do. He then worked for various church ministries in Africa and Europe.
He was ordained in November 2004 with his wife and in December 2005 he received a Divine Mandate to pioneer a new ministry, a new church. In January 2006 House of Empowerment International Ministry was born. The core of this mandate is to empower the people of Coventry, the UK and indeed the world at large.
Pastor K.K. preaches the word of God with simplicity and sharp revelation to empower you to succeed in every area of your life. Pastor K.K. has seen the manifestation of God's power accompanying his ministry, with healings, deliverance, family restoration, fruit of the womb, and above all the salvation of people’s lives. 
Pastor K.K. lives in Coventry, West Midlands with his wife Sue and they have five children, Daniel, David, Divine, Dillon and Darren.

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