Vessels of Empowerment – VOE

“Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

The Vessels of Empowerment are committed to make God known to our church and surrounding communities, as well the world. The Vessels work in connection with the media team utilising every facet of the creative arts to usher the congregation into praise, worship, reflection, adoration, and gratification as our hearts are prepared to receive the Word of God. We have been commanded by the Word of God to praise Him, and the Vessels are doing just that with every breath we take!
The Vessels of Empowerment under the management of Mr. Vince Darko (Music Director) is a strong force behind the vibrant nature and culture of our services. The Vessels have been in existence since the existence of the ministry. Our vision is to “Know God and To Make Him Known” through lives of consecrated worship; that we might apprehend the presence, the glory, and the very spirit of God Himself. We want more of God, more of His holiness, more of His presence, more of His glory, more of who He is.
We want to engage every single individual (adults, youth, and children), where no one is able to resist the presence and power of God, in House of Empowerment.
For more information on becoming a member, please download and fill in the Membership Form returning it to Church on Sunday or by post to:
House of Empowerment Int. Ministries 
Empowerment Centre
Lady Lane
CV6 6AZ 
If you have any questions please send us an Email to:


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